Cover Illustrations of Lichenology Vol. 2, No. 2


日本の冷温帯ブナ林を代表する種だが,中国雲南省では針葉樹林が卓越する高度に分布する.中国雲南省麗江県の老君山,標高約3500mにて,2003年9月15日,原田 浩撮影.

Lobaria orientalis,

a beautiful foliose lichen of East Asia. In Japan this species is distributed in broad-leaved deciduous forests predominated by Fagus crenata in the cool-temperate zone, whereas in Yunnan, China, it is commonly found at the altitudes where evergreen conifers are very common. Photo by H. Harada; ca. 3500 m elev. on Mt. Laojung-shan, Lijiang Co., Yunnan, China, 15 Sept. 2003

Lichenology Vol. 2, No. 2